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May 2, 2003 (United States)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a 2003 American teen comedy film released by Walt Disney Pictures on May 2, 2003. The film serves as the finale of the Disney Channel television series of the same name, and was the first theatrical film based on a Disney Channel series. The film stars Hilary Duff, Tara Strong, LaLaine, Adam Lamberg, Robert Carradine, Hallie Todd, Richard Horvitz, Jake Thomas, Catherine Cavadini, E. G. Daily, Roger L. Jackson, Tom Kane, Daran Norris, Susanne Blakeslee, Yani Gellman, Alex Borstein, Ashlie Brillault and Clayton Synder, and tells the story of Lizzie's graduation trip to Rome with Timmy. At its release, the film peaked at number two at the domestic box office behind X2: X-Men United. The Lizzie McGuire Movie was released on August 12, 2003 on DVD and VHS. The events of the film take place during the second and final season of Lizzie McGuire.


Lizzie McGuire (played by Hilary Duff) prepares for her junior-high graduation with one of her three closest friends, Timothy Tiberius "Timmy" Turner (played by Tara Strong), Miranda Isabella Sanchez (played by LaLaine), and David "Gordo" Gordon (played by Adam Lamberg), while Timmy is stanind against his evil babysitter Vicky (played by Grey DeLisle), who tortures him or not torture, Timmy has his lovable wish-granting fairy godparents Cosmo (played by Daran Norris) and Wanda (played by Susanne Blakeslee), and the toughest fairy in the universe Jorgen Von Strangle (also played by Daran Norris). During the ceremony, Timmy trips onstage in a tiny ladybug and accidentally brings the curtain down on her fellow graduates, except for Dib Membrane (played by Andy Berman), (paranormal investigator of Mysterious Mysteries) and Ethan Craft (played by Clayton Snyder), (Lizzie's romantic crush and he's a Rockstar of the Lizzie McGuire series) who was lifts up the curtain using the claw hand replica; this causes her to be teased by her younger brother Matt (played by Jake Thomas), Timmy's special partner little green invader disguised as a human; Invader Zim (played by Richard Horvitz), her former best friend Kate Sanders (played by Ashlie Brillault), Kate's friend Claire Miller (played by Davida Williams), the school geek Larry Tudgeman (played by Kyle Downes), and Matt's silent friend Lanny Onasis (played by Christian Copelin). After graduation, Lizzie, Timmy and some of her class embark on a trip to Rome, chaperoned by their future high school principal, the rude and stern Angela Ungermeyer, but Timmy tells her that he has the coldest non-magical sector in the galaxy; and his crazy fairy-hunting teacher Denzel Crocker (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui). To their dismay, Lizzie and Timmy are assigned to the same hotel room.

Their class visits the Trevi Fountain, where Lizzie and Timmy is approached by an Italian pop star named Paolo, who mistakes Vicky for his singing partner, Isabella. Vicky tells Paolo about the singing partner, and Paolo's bodyguard; Sergei (who appears in the movie) gives Timmy the blue lightsaber. Paolo asks Lizzie to meet him at the fountain the next day with Timmy, and she feigns illness to sneak away. He explains that he and Isabella are booked for the Italian Music Awards, but she left Italy after their breakup. Paolo tells Vicky that Isabella lip syncs, and begs her to pose as Isabella for the concert. Timmy reluctantly agrees but soon he begins to enjoy the experience and to fall in love with Lizzie.

Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda and Timmy takes the project by standing against Paolo and Vicky, doing a reference to Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, walking in front of them. Lizzie tells Timmy that she is one of her best friends and most Average Kid that No One Understands, Timmy steps in front and he calls Vicky "Master Control", doing a reference of the evil computer program from the classic Disney Movie TRON. Timmy and Paolo prepare to fight using lightsabers, Timmy and Paolo fight in a classic fashion of Luke's fight with Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, Paolo cuts off Vicky's hand shocking her, Paolo tells Timmy that the force is strong with him in classic Sci-Fi movies. Paolo and Vicky runs off and rides the motorcycle to the Italian Music Awards. Lizzie's shriek of her excited squeal that she takes Timmy to the hotel room.

Lizzie and Timmy continues to fake being ill to prepare for the concert, but Kate and Gaz quickly figures out her secret. Almighty Tallest, Ethan, Dib, Gordo and Miranda explains to Lizzie and Timmy, who he is, by telling him about his tragic backstory. The backstory is as follows; during the events of the Xtreme Xmas episode, Lizzie has the true meaning of Christmas with Gordo, Miranda and Timmy. Nobby Frostybump and Santa Claus looks at the safety helmet at the charity drive, and the parade floats, Chocolate coins, the poster for the painting of the Christmas float, and Tudgeman build the Star Wars-themed Christmas float. When Zim is getting rage of an Invader, who smacks Nobby and Santa, which far, far away of the line. One of Tudgeman's parade float is the Death Star with TIE Fighters versus X-wings from Star Wars he shattered, caused a black smoke in the smoke machine. Jorgen noticed this broken Tudgeman's parade float and called it a reject. He turned off the switch of the smoke machine, and let the X-wings and TIE Fighters go down in the table. To Lizzie and Timmy's surprise, Kate agrees to help her and the two become friends again, but Timmy tells Kate that she is the snotty cheerleader. Meanwhile, Ms. Ungermeyer interrogates the students to learn who has been sneaking out. Gordo takes the video camera to record the footage on video and is standing with Miranda, while Vicky takes the blame and is sent back home to Dimmsdale as punishment. Lizzie is surprised when Timmy says that Gordo sacrificed himself to protect him, her and Miranda. Back home, Matt and Zim browses the Internet and finds Italian gossip sites with pictures of Lizzie as Britney Spears and Timmy as Chip Skylark. When he tells his parents, the family flies to Rome.

At the airport, Vicky meets Isabella (played by Haylie Duff), who is so upset that someone is impersonating her. She and Vicky realize that Paolo is planning to have a nervous her unknowingly sing live at the concert (as Isabella actually does), creating the impression that Isabella is a fake, which would damage Isabella's career and embarrass Lizzie and Timmy. Vicky and Isabella rush to the concert to stop him. When Lizzie's parents, Jorgen Von Strangle, with Zim, Robot Parent Decoy and GIR arrive in Rome, Ms. Ungermeyer learns that Lizzie and Timmy is missing. Ethan reveals that she is performing at the Italian Music Awards, and Lizzie's family and the class also rush to the concert. Backstage, Gordo and Isabella find Lizzie preparing for the show and warn her about Paolo's scheme. Lizzie and Timmy refuses to believe them at first, but Isabella convinces Vicky that Paolo is using her. Ms. Ungermeyer gets the class, Jorgen, Zim, GIR (and Lizzie's family) into the concert by pushing her way through the bouncers, but Jorgen blasts away and Zim comes in front of Timmy, who was so surprised at him. Almighty Tallest suggests that they battle Paolo and Sergi, doing a reference to the laser cameras of Jabba the Hutt's place in Return of the Jedi. Timmy tells Larry that he is both the Star Wars geek and the school geek in the town of HillRidge, Matt tells Lanny that they wants to play video games, Lanny gives Matt a gaming system, Kate tells Claire that Lizzie is so turned into pumpkin with Timmy, like Smurfette and Lizzie tells Miranda that Timmy is a cutiepie with a pink hat and herself just like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from Star Wars.

During the performance, Isabella, Lizzie, Timmy, Miranda and Gordo expose Paolo (who is actually the one who lip syncs) by turning on his microphone, revealing his real voice. Embarrassed, Paolo runs off stage and is ambushed outside by paparazzi, and looks at the card that reads: "Magical Cannonball?" as a trap. Paolo accidentally splats on the tasty pies, slurps the blueberry pie and says that it is blueberry, one of Timmy's favorite. When the Italian Music Awards Police Car arrives, It comes with the parts of Timmy's Magical Time Scooter: a clock and the keypad. The police officers arrives and gives Timmy a reward, a love letter for Lizzie. The police officers arrests Paolo as he gets inside the Italian Music Awards Police Car, handcuffed on his arms and close the door. The officers tells Paolo that he is going home and make sure his parents to know what's he doing. Paolo sends back home as the officer press the button on the keypard and flies off in the Back to the Future Part II-style hover-converted police car. Timmy introduces Chip Skylark and Aaron Carter (from the Lizzie McGuire Christmas episode "Aaron Carter Comes To Town"), stands in the front of Isabella and Vicky. Timmy tells Lizzie to the crowd, and Chip Skylark sing "My Shiny Teeth and Me". When Isabella leaves the stage, but Jorgen gives Vicky a bicycle; she sits on her bike and Jorgen using the cards as the fiery matches to put the rockets in the launcher, and says "Take Cover, people!" Lizzie and Timmy ducks and covers with Gordo, Miranda and Zim in the stage, as well with Lizzie's Family and her classmates, the rockets blasts away as Vicky launching her bike, it lifts up into the air and flying in front of the moon sequence is from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, but Vicky falls down and crashes into the police car, handcuffed her arms, and for her punishment, Vicky simply tells herself, "Well, I figured, I'm so in trouble with Mr. and Mrs. Turner." The police car speeds off and send Vicky back home is the same as the plutonium-powered DeLorean in Back to the Future. Lizzie grabs Timmy to the crowd, displaying a newfound confidence and Timmy carries a lightsaber. Later, they all celebrate at the hotel's after party, where Ms. Bitters rescinds Ms. Ungermeyer's punishment. Lizzie's parents tell her she is grounded for the summer, but they still are proud of her. Gordo tells Timmy that him and we're gonna be their famous film directors. Lizzie, Miranda, Timmy and Gordo sneak away from the party to go up to the roof, where they promise to never let things change between them and to talk. Gordo reassures Lizzie that things will be just as good when they go back home and that he always believes in her, Timmy wonders that Paolo is a complete idiot for him and Isabella, but he tells Lizzie has to go back home and get to the Style Shack. Lizzie gives Timmy the two kiss, Miranda gives Timmy the pink hat and Gordo gives Timmy the hair in one hand. Lizzie takes a picture of her and her best friends, Gordo, Miranda and Timmy using the camera, Timmy tells Lizzie that they gets back to the first day of seventh grade is so amazing. And then rejoin the party before they get into more trouble, except for Timmy; who was pretty surprised. The fireworks on the sky as it shoot off the distance. Lizzie, Timmy, her best friends Miranda, and Gordo, her family and her classmates with Zim, GIR, Almighty Tallest Red and Purple, Mighty Irken Soldiers, Jorgen Von Strangle, Mr. Crocker, Ms. Bitters, Zim's Classmates, Dib, Gaz, Professor Membrane and other characters from Invader Zim flies off in a Irken flying Limo back home. with the animated Lizzie, who dressed as Zenon Kar from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Zenon: The Zequel, sitting on the control panel. Later that night, Lizzie, her friends and family, Jorgen, Zim, GIR, Robot Parent Decoy, and Timmy returns to the McGuire house. Lizzie walks into the backyard of Lizzie's House with Timmy, they sit on the bench with Gordo and Miranda with Zim, and she kiss Timmy on the cheek. The film ends with fireworks spelling "The End" and the animated Lizzie, doing a parody of Tinker Bell, winking at the audience. In a post-credits scene, Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda and Timmy going to Digital Bean with Zim, causing the fairy magic to grant Timmy's wish is the chocolate sundae which presumably starts the search once more.

Voice Cast[]

  • Hilary Duff as Elizabeth Brooke "Lizzie" McGuire, the show's main protagonist of a 13 year old junior high student and her animated alter ego
  • Tara Strong as Animated Timmy Turner, a 10 year old boy who has magical powers and wearing pink clothing and hat; he is one of Lizzie's best friend and love interest
  • LaLaine as Miranda Sanchez, Lizzie's best friend, who enjoys singing and dreams being a musican
  • Adam Lamberg as David Zephyr "Gordo" Gordon, Lizzie's childhood best friend who posessions of filmmaking and playing a hacky-sack.
  • Robert Carradine as Samuel "Sam" McGuire, Lizzie and Matt's father
  • Hallie Todd as Joanne "Jo" McGuire, Lizzie and Matt's mother
  • Cathy Cavadini as Blossom
  • Tara Strong as Bubbles
  • E. G. Daily as Buttercup
  • Roger L. Jackson as Mojo Jojo and Butch
  • Tom Kane as Professor Utonium and Talking Dog.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as The Boogie Man and Jerome, Deep Voice
  • Tom Kenny as the Mayor of Townsville, Narrator, Mitch Mitchelson, Snake, and Lil' Arturo.
  • Jennifer Hale as Ms. Sandy Keane, Princess Morbucks, Sedusa.
  • Jennifer Martin as Ms. Sarah Bellum.
  • Jeff Bennett as Ace, Big Billy, and Grubber.
  • Rob Paulsen as Brick and Boomer
  • Jim Cummings as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Haylie Duff as Isabella Parigi, Paolo's ex-girlfriend and singing partner; singing voice for herself at the Italian Music Awards and Amy Sanders
  • Richard Horvitz as Invader Zim, Irken Invader who disguised as a human
  • Rosearik Rikki Simons as GIR, Zim's servant
  • Mr. Scolex as Computer Voice
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker, Timmy Turner's crazy fairy hunting teacher
  • Rodger Bumpass as Prof. Membrane
  • Jake Thomas as Matthew "Matt" McGuire, Lizzie's mischievous younger brother
  • Michael McDonald as Robodad and Crewman
  • Daran Norris as Cosmo, Jorgen Von Strangle, the toughest fairy in the universe
  • Susanne Blakeslee as Wanda
  • Grey DeLisle as Vicky, Timmy Turner's evil babysitter
  • Yani Gellman as Paolo Valisari, a handsome, famous Italian pop star and the film's antagonist who plans to use Vicky to avoid getting sued for breach of contract
  • Mo Collins as Robomom and Zita
  • Alex Borstein as Ms. Angela Ungermeyer
  • Clayton Snyder as Ethan Craft
  • Andy Berman as Dib Membrane, paranormal investigator and part of the Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery.
  • Ashlie Brillault as Katherine "Kate" Sanders, a popular girl at school who was formerly the best friend of Lizzie and Miranda; she is now their frenemy.
  • Melissa Fahn as Gaz Membrane, Dib's sister who was playing video games
  • Davida Williams as Claire Miller, Kate's new best friend who is jealous of the friendship which Kate had with Lizzie and Miranda.
  • Danny Cookesy as Keef
  • Brendan Kelly as Sergei, Paolo's bodyguard who eventually quits and forms a relationship with Ms. Ungermeyer.
  • Kevin Hamilton McDonald as Almighty Tallest Purple / Tae
  • Jhonen Vasquez as Old Kid / Brian
  • Wally Wingert as Almighty Tallest Red / Sir
  • Lucille Bliss as Ms. Bitters
  • Carly Schroeder as Melina Bianco, Matt's best friend, who likes to create trouble for him.
  • Christian Copelin as Lanny Onasis, Matt's best friend, who does not speak.
  • Daniel Escobar as Mr. Escobar, the drama teacher/choir director at HillRidge Junior High School.
  • John Garry as Mysterious Mysteries Anchor
  • Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark
  • Aaron Carter as Himself
  • Jody Raicot as Giorgio
  • Kyle Downes as Larry Tudgeman, a stereotypical geek who is treated like an outcast at school.
  • Brad Abrell as Announcer
  • Terra MacLeod as Franca DiMontecatini
  • Claude Knowlton as the stage manager


The Amanda Show Characters:

  • Amanda Bynes – Herself

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Characters:

  • Joe Alaskey as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Marvin the Martian and Tweety
  • Maurice LaMarche as Yosemite Sam
  • Jeff Bennett as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Bob Bergen as Porky Pig
  • Jim Cummings as Tasmanian Devil
  • June Foray as Granny
  • Billy West as Elmer Fudd
  • Paul Julian as Road Runner

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