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November 10, 2004

The Polar Express is a 2004 motion-capture computer-animated film produced by Castle Rock Entertainment, Shangri-La Entertainment, Golden Mean, and ImageMovers and released by Warner Bros. Pictures on November 10, 2004. This was Castle Rock Entertainment's first animated film.


Based on the beloved children's Christmas book by Chris Van Allsburg, it follows the story of a young boy who takes a train ride to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Along the way, he meets a host of characters and he's in for one heck of an adventure!

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Sound Effects Used[]

  • Hollywoodedge, Bell Tower High Pitch PE191601 (Used for the clocktower at the North Pole.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Body Falls Snow PE106701 (The last impact is heard when the Hero Girl's ticket hits the ground after the eagle chick spits it out from it's nest, and when the Hero Boy hits the Observation car's roof after being thrown off the Hobo's back.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Eagle Bald Chirps Cal AT082601 (Bits of this sound are heard as the eagle swoops the Hero Girl's ticket.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Elk Honks Squeals Med PE025001 (A slowed down and low pitched variant is used for the Caribou's moaning.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Fart 2 Short Fart Clos PE139001 (Unused, but can still be found in the "It Takes Two." music video in the bonus features.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Gusts Heavy Cold Wind PE031601 (Heard when the Hero Boy is on top of the train, trying to catch up to the Hero Girl and the Conductor.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Metal Creaks Machine FS015801 (The normal variant is heard occasionally, while a reversed variant can be heard when the Hero Boy applies the Observation car's brakes when it races into the tunnel at the North Pole.)
  • SKYWALKER, METAL - GRINDING (shortened variant)
  • SKYWALKER, METAL - MEDIUM-PITCHED GROANS, VARIOUS (Heard when the train rocks back and forth after coming to a stop on the ice lake. (The groan before it hits the ice is used in the film.))
  • Sound Ideas, HORN, AIR - INTERIOR: SINGLE BLAST, SHORT 01 (Heard twice in a slightly lower pitch for the Blimp's alarm.)
  • Sound Ideas, RATCHET LARGE CRANK OR LEVER, RATCHETING, 10 TAKES (The last crank is heard once, when the Hero Boy pulls down a window on the passenger car the Hero Girl's ticket gets stuck on, and when Know-It-All rolls down his window when Billy is getting picked up.)
  • Sound Ideas, TRAIN, FREIGHT - FREIGHT TRAIN: APPROACH AND PASS BY CLOSE, LOUD WHEEL CLACKING (Used mostly for the coaches wheels clattering, with the beginning roar, and the end clatter playing on the DVD menu opening.)
  • Sound Ideas, TRAIN, PASSENGER - EXTERNAL: APPROACH, PASS BY LEFT TO RIGHT, FAST SPEED (A shortened variant of the first clatter is heard when the train races down one of the hills at Glacier Gulch.)
  • Unknown Metal Switch Throw SFX (Used for the throttle of the locomotive, when the train is running away from the cracking ice lake.)
  • WB FALL, BODY - BODYFALL WITH GRUNT 02 (Unused, but can still be found in the "It Takes Two" music video in the bonus features.)

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